Getting laptops to journalists

      Tomorrow, we expect a delivery of 20 computers to arrive in Miami from Dell Computers in Houston. The computers — 13 netbooks for basic reporting and 7 professional-grade laptops for editing — will then be shipped to Port-au-Prince and distributed to newspapers and journalists.
      Two weeks ago, we piggy-backed on a delivery of supplies by the Associated Press to Haiti with two laptops of our own, destined for the left-leaning newspaper, Haiti Liberte.
     With that delivery, our project has replaced three of the five computers that Haiti Liberte lost in the earthquake. The paper’s Port-au-Prince staff needs much more to get back to functional strength, including tents for homeless reporters and a new office. However, the computers mean the staff can begin covering local news for pages inserted into the paper, which is published in Miami.
       The larger shipment replaces equipment lost several independent journalists and by Haiti’s largest newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, and its competitor Le Matin.
Following close on the heels of these deliveries will be shipments of cameras, tape recorders, printers, tents and other supplies that will boost the spirits of Haitian journalists and enable them to practice the craft they love.
      Also in the next few weeks, we will begin to put into place a training program to help the journalists hone their skills.  With these efforts we begin to move, agonizingly slow I’m afraid — but steadily — toward our goal of helping Haitian journalists help themselves.


2 responses to “Getting laptops to journalists

  1. Anders Gyllenhaal

    Joe, congratulations on moving to the next phase of this project.

  2. I will be able to bring training material! 12/15- 01/02 and also french to english translation material.

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