Staff injured, jobless; magazine publication suspended

Claudel Victor next to his demolished house


     This post was written by Claudel Victor, editor of  Ticket Magazine, an arts and culture publication of Le Nouvelliste, Haiti’s largest newspaper.

     Among the legions of victims of the January earthquake was the staff at Ticket Magazine, a cultural icon in Port-au-Prince. One staffer was killed; others were injured; all lost their jobs.

      The magazine was founded in October 2002. It is a sister publication of Le Nouvelliste. In seven years, the magazine, had become a cultural reference in Haiti.

     Published twice a week before the earthquake, Ticket features the Haitian showbiz stars, like the great figures of music, fashion, literature, theater, both in Haiti and in Haitian Diaspora.
     During these years, Ticket has also written extensively of all trends and fashions. Particularly among Haitian youth.
Thanks to the competition at TicketMax Academy and Vinn Pran Ticket’s, Ticket uncovered many young artistic talents.
     Ticket was published bi-weekly of the same format as the newspaper Le Nouvelliste. The magazine was distributed to subscribers and sold on the streets by newsboys.
     Ticket has been closed since the January 12 earthquake. Every editor, reporter, photographer and graphic designer who worked for the magazine has been unemployed since. The group responsible for the distribution was also laid off. 

     Some of the journalists are temporarily employed in other activities, such as the radio show Enfomasyon Nou dwe Konnen, which is produced by the NGO  (Non-Governmental Organization) InterNews or by the Haitian media.

     However, most employees of Ticket are looking for work to meet their needs. The majority of them live in temporary shelters, in tents in the streets or in camps with friends or relatives.
     Max Chauvet, the owner of Ticket Magazine, plans a return of the publication, but no fixed date has been given so far.

       Among the victims:

Driver Djimps Diomettre, who also worked for Radio Magik 9, was killed.
Claudel Victor, editor in chief.  His house collapsed, killing an aunt and a cousin. He sleeps in a temporary shelter. He lost his computer, camera, scanner, a large part of his library and his working notes. 
Stéphanie André,  copy editor.  Her house collapsed. 
Rosemond Loramus,  editor.  His house collapsed. He sleeps in a temporary shelter. He lost his archives, working notes,  camera, personal computer. 
Marie Brunette Brutus Mainsour, editor. She has spent hours under the rubble of Radio Magik 9 where she worked. She was injured in the earthquake. A few days later she and her fiancé were kidnapped. Their families and friends were forced to pay big money for their release. 
Lazarre Duckenson, editor. His house collapsed, killing his mother. He sleeps in a temporary shelter.

Gilles Freslet, editor. He sleeps in a temporary shelter in the street because the house in which he lived, is cracked. His car was seriously damaged by the earthquake rubble.


One response to “Staff injured, jobless; magazine publication suspended

  1. Mary Jean Baxley

    My thoughts and prayers are with those mentioned in the article. I hope to return to Haiti to help. Heading to NYC next week will do what I can there to garner some help.

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