Haiti is journalist’s priority

I am a freelance writer in South Carolina. I was in Haiti in March. Page four of SC Press Association has a photo I took. The tag is incorrect. I was not there with the Red Cross. I spent time with International Red Cross/Red Crescent and other groups. I have articles/photos on Haiti in several magazines and web sites.
How can I help? I hope to return to Haiti but don’t know when it will be. I have a trip to NYC in May and I write about Sudan and Kenya and was hoping to return there soon. But Haiti is my priority at the present.

Mary Jean Baxley


2 responses to “Haiti is journalist’s priority

  1. Mary Jean,

    You’ve already begun to help by sharing your concern and experiences on this site. You can help further by becoming a fan of this page, subscribing to our blog site at http://www.haitinewsproject.wordpress.com and by spreading the word about what we are doing.
    We would like to include you among journalists with experience in Haiti who are willing to assist in our efforts to train and mentor Haitian journalists.
    Keeping in touch with this project will enable us to do that.
    Thank you,

    Joe Oglesby

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