An Appeal For Help

We recently received the following note from Berthony Dupont, director of Haiti Liberte, a weekly newspaper distributed primarily to the Haitian emigre community in North America and Europe, with an office in Haiti and copies sold there by street vendors.

Dear Joe Oglesby,

We have recently learned of the Haiti News Project.

Haiti Liberté newsweekly was also severely affected by the quake. We lost one writer, Jerson Philippe, one of our photographers lost his house and two young children (ages 2 and 8), and I lost my sister, step-mother and family home. Three other staff members lost their homes. Our entire Haiti staff is “in great difficulty” to find food and shelter, above all good tents.

Our office on 2eme Impasse Lavaud was seriously damaged. Debris fell on its only printer, destroying it. Our Port-au-Prince office’s sole computer is still working, but with fits of trouble.

We have done our best to send aid and do what we can, but even prior to the earthquake, our financial situation was not good.

Is there some kind of support we could receive from the Haiti News Project in the way of equipment, tents or finances?

Berthony Dupont

We  have talked with Ms. Dupont and described our efforts to solicit get word out about the extreme challenges that she and other publishers and journalists face in Haiti. You can help by sending equipment, or money that will be used to purchase tents and other supplies for homeless Haitian journalists. Here’s how you can do that:

To make a tax-deductible donation, send a check payable to: ASNE Foundation, 11690B Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston VA, 20191. Write “Haiti” in the memo section of the check. We will be publicizing donations, so please let us know if you want your name and/or donation to remain anonymous.

Cameras, recorders, and laptop computers capable of editing sound, photos and video can be sent to: The Miami Herald Newsroom, One Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Equipment received there will be shipped to Haiti for use by journalists who need it.


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